About Us

Western Cooperative Company (WESTCO™) was organized in 1942 when ten individuals put up ten dollars each to form the equity used to purchase the gas station located at Third and Black Hills, now referred to as the WESTCO™ Main Station.  This small beginning was initially the entire company, and served as the basis of what we now refer to as our Petroleum Division.

Over the years our assets have grown to include ten Bulk Plants, seven C-Stores and four Car Care Centers located throughout the Wyo-Braska area.  WESTCO™ offers propane and bulk fuel delivery services in all areas, including Southwestern South Dakota and Eastern Wyoming.

Bulk Fuel Plants are located at:

Hay Springs
Torrington, WY

C-Store locations include:

Crawford C-Store
Frontiermart - Torrington
Hemingford C-Store
 KC's - Alliance
 Main - Alliance
 Martha's - Alliance 
 Terry's - Alliance 


Car Care Centers in the following towns provide automotive service, accessories, batteries and tires for automobiles, tractors and trucks: Alliance, Gordon, Hay Springs and Rushville.